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Our mission is to provide services and support for families in the Northeast United States who are facing life-threatening challenges by putting happy faces in needed places. Consistent with the spirit of the foundation’s namesake, Myles McAdoo who lived an inclusive lifestyle, no family will be denied based on race, religion, financial or medical circumstance.


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Bolstered by the love and support of myriad volunteers from all walks of life, this young non-profit organization is thriving in fulfilling its mission to support families facing life-threatening challenges. ornament1

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Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur mutationem consuetudium lectorum.

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Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur mutationem consuetudium lectorum.


  • billieBillie Young


    "My name is Billie and I am the mother of NaSeaph Williams. Nas as he likes to be called is 11 years old. Illness, Rare, life threatening, terminal those are words that no parent of a young child should have to hear or deal with. I have heard them all. Your son could pass any day is what clings to me the most. To live with uncertainty, the fear of the unknown and the thought of rolling over and he is gone. As any child Nas had several things that he wanted to do, wanted to see and to be part of. Make A Wish was generous enough to send him to Disney in June 2012, he was very sick for the majority of the trip and when he was able to participate in things we then were in the midst of Tropical storm Debbie. In March of 2013 while on an outing with Starlight Children's Foundation, I was approached by Laurel McAdoo of Myles of Smyles, she expressed to me that she had been given Nas' name by someone and was wanting to do something special for him. I had let her know that Make A Wish had already granted his wish and she at that point said to me, " WHAT CHILD DO YOU KNOW WHO ONLY HAS ONE WISH?" I can say that I was a bit reluctant at first as I have traveled this road alone, I hadn't asked anyone for anything. We exchanged contact information and chatted several times. Doctors were hesitant on what Nas' future would be so Laurel decided to throw him a surprise birthday party. It was held at Wolf's 1-11 in Colonie. Nas had made the decision that he did not want gifts but for donations to be brought for him to donate to the Regional Food Bank. The party was a huge success. Nas was interviewed by the Times Union and stated that he has other wishes, one being to meet Tom Brady and the other to meet John Cena. With the help of the publicity of the Times Union contact was made from both Tom Brady's people and John Cena's people. Laurel stepped up to the plate yet again and made sure that Nas was able to do both of those. My gratitude cannot be put into words. To have a parent start an organization because of the loss she suffered and to give so much to other children who too will meet their fate is unconscionable. The donations she receives and the people who are willing to help her on her mission is amazing. Myles of Smyles is definitely named correctly. Myles left his own legacy and Laurel with the help of many is making Smyles that parents are using as wonderful memories. Thank you Laurel, Myles of Smyles and your many contributors for allowing me memories with my son that without all of you would not have been possible."
  • erinErin Musto


    "In this journey I am always glad that Myles and his family, and now his legacy we were with me. Myles of Smyles was created to do just that, bring ‘smyles’ to children and families experiencing hardships. Maddie’s Mark Foundation has a similar goal and mission in this world, one that works so well with Myles- we create ‘best days ever’ for families experiencing worst case scenario. It is a really wonderful when we have the opportunity to work together and grant a family a fun, simple, organized and low stress experience. I think it is a gift from Madeline and Myles- ‘smyles’ and ‘best days ever’."
  • snideTina Snide


    "On December 10, 2013 our daughter Naya was diagnosed with A.L.L a firm of leukemia. Our whole world came crashing down. We didn't know where to turn. My fiance's aunt Chauntel got right to work and got us in connection with two angels. Within a couple of days Myles for Smiles and Maddie's Mark were there for us. It was such a breath of fresh air to know we weren't alone in the fight. Laurel and Erin are amazing and I wish there were more people in the world as loving and caring as they have been. We were total strangers and they made us a part of their family. Its a family and group that every patent secretly wishes and hopes they would never have to be a part of but when you get that news the angels come and help. God Blessed us and almost a month later the tumor is gone but the impact these angels have made in our lives will forever be in our hearts."
  • swartThe Swart Family


    "The Myles of Smyles Foundation created a beautiful fundraising event entitled Lyrics from the Heart. It was a gala event as it was a kick off fundraiser for "Myles of Smyles". It was the beginning of Laurel's vision to honor Myles McAdoo and keep his warm beautiful smile alive by reaching out to help other families. Our son Zachary was the honored guest of this event. Laurel and her band of angels, provided a beautiful evening of music, great food and a silent auction, and a chance for Laurel to express her hopes and dreams for this new foundation. The gift that Myles of Smyles provided for Zachary and our family enabled us to take a most needed vacation get away to visit Boston, and to enjoy the sights and sounds that the city had to offer. Much more than this we had the chance to laugh, eat, drink (Ok maybe just Mom and Dad) and be merry together as a family. When you are a family with a child who has a serious illness, a little get away is not simply a pleasantry, it is a life long gift. Thank you dear sweet Laurel, Marcelle, Decovan, and the bright beautiful memory of Myles McAdoo's smile."